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Care and Feeding

Basic Feeding:

Goats need to be fed the proper amount and type of feed based on their age, sex, use and condition. Basically, most goats will do well on just pasture and roughage in the form of good quality hay. Clean water should be available at all times. Grains and vitamin/mineral supplementation may be necessary but can also be harmful if not given for the right reasons and in the right amounts. Many individuals like: nutritionist, veterinarians, cooperative extension agent, feed sales representative, goat breeders etc. are constantly being sought out by goat owners for nutritional advice. As expected, each may provide variable suggestions based on the circumstances. It is important to realize that every situation will differ, and recommendations should be made based on specific needs. Breeding stock and production animals should have a feeding program developed for them by a veterinarian or livestock feed specialist. When dealing with male goats, it is very crucial to inform clients about the importance of preventing life threatening urinary obstructions from improper diets.

Basic Care:

Goats can be kept on pasture or in pens. Provisions should be made for exercise and climbing but it is also necessary to ensure that they can'tescape or be attacked. Do not put your fence within four feet of any valuable or poisonous shrubbery and make sure it is climb proof. Goats also need a clean dry place to escape the weather. Any one of a number of shelter types can be adequate. Make sure that they are not sleeping or constantly standing on hard or wet surfaces.

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